Visual Art: Drawing

Visual Art

Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy is thrilled to introduce its newest program – Visual Art – beginning this October!

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.”

Visual Art Classes

Ages: 9 and up

8-Week Class

Learning to draw is a valuable experience regardless of how students feel about their level of natural ability. It lengthens our attention span, teaches us to innovate, develops originality and self-expression, and strengthens our powers of observation. Becoming increasingly observant is an important part of learning in any discipline, so developing the ability to observe well impacts all of life. One of the greatest benefits of “Observation Drawing” is learning how to learn. Students become good at drawing when they are willing to pay attention, practice, make lots of mistakes, and learn from their mistakes without judgment — all habits we’ll develop in this class.

Drawing skills improve dramatically with daily practice, so the class will include daily homework (about 15 minutes a day) in student drawing journals to help them cultivate a creative habit and see personal improvement by the end of the class. In-class drawing practice and instruction will rely heavily on “coaching” with strategic questions to help students change habits of thinking, see objects differently, experiment, and begin to ask questions of themselves that will lead to new ideas and solutions when they’re stuck.

*Students will be given supplies on the first day of class, including one sketchbook. Families may need to provide additional sketchbook(s) if their student fills the one provided (for continuing daily drawing assignments).

We’ll provide the fun, creative environment and coaching — all you need to provide is a student willing to try!



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Tuition is due within ten days of registration. Special payment arrangements are available upon request.

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Students pay a one-time annual Registration Fee which covers all classes and lessons taken between September and August.