Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy

September: Letter from the Director

Dear SCAA family,
By the time you read this, we will be in full swing here at the SCAA. So here are our wishes for you this school year:
May your dancer always have their dance shoes and clothes in their dance bag, (never causing you to run home for them at an inconvenient time).
May your budding musician practice the piano (or drums) but never when you have a headache or early on the one day you don’t have to be up early.
May your student never loose his fencing mask.
May your actor always practice his/her lines (but not too loudly while you are trying to get dinner ready and just need a quiet moment).
May your singer always be on key.
And, may your young artist flourish this year!
Here’s wishing for a productive, dramatic, arts filled year!