Vivian Christy Sansoni

Students Selected for the 2022/23 Vivian Christy Sansoni Scholarship

In 2015, the family of Vivian Christy Sansoni created a scholarship to the Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy (SCAA) in her memory. Vivian was a youth actress, singer, dancer and musician, and the arts provided a wonderful outlet for her creativity to thrive.

The award created in her name provides assistance to young performers when financial need prohibits exploration of their talent and creativity. Those selected this fall are receiving free arts instruction through the scholarship.

To be eligible for these scholarships, students must reside within Winchester city limits and have a financial constraint that would not otherwise allow them to be a student at the SCAA. The intent of this award is to offer a student the chance to experience the sense of belonging, excitement and learning that the arts can offer. Vivian found self-expression in the arts and her family wants to offer this opportunity to others.

“Every year, we see Vivian’s spirit remain alive through the young talents that are thriving at the Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy,” said Vivian’s father, Brian Sansoni. “The Vivian Christy Sansoni Award offers deserving students wonderful opportunities to learn, grow and enhance their creative abilities that can in turn inspire others for years to come.”

In late spring through early fall each year, the SCAA seeks scholarship nominations from teachers, community members, church leaders and youth mentors within the city of Winchester. All are welcome to nominate a young person for the award – just as it takes a village to raise a child, it also requires one to nurture the creative spirit of a community’s youngest members.

Students who have received funds this year are:

  • Romari Flores Tolentino, grade 6 – Flute lessons
  • Eduardo Antonino Lopez, grade 8 – Guitar lessons
  • Juana Valentino Garcia, grade 5 – Choir
  • Mercedes Erickson, grade 6 – Saxophone lessons
  • Mateo Ramey, grade 7 – Guitar lessons
  • Noelle Delgado Urbaez, grade K – Dance

The SCAA accepts nominations throughout the year, with the award period typically beginning in September. The scholarships can go to students who have an interest in dance, orchestra, choir, and individual lessons in voice and a variety of instruments. A complete listing of offerings can be found on the SCAA website at

Anyone wishing to support the mission of the Vivian Sansoni fund may give at

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