Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy


Following an old family tradition extending over six centuries, our Maitre d’Arms  has opened Salles d’Armes is in: Coutance, Normady, (France),  Pontferrada (Spain) , and now  SCAA.

“Cognitive Fencing” ©.  Was developed by my father Col. (Ret) Carl d’Azagra. These techniques will teach the student to achieve the physical dexterity to control the sword as an extension of their body. The fencing strip is used as vehicle to control one’s actions in an encounter that will demand a well coordinated and balance response from all the senses. Understanding and practicing these techniques on the strip and in daily life is “Cognitive Fencing” ©

New this year: Classes are being offered in two sessions. Students will need to register separately for each session. Study begins this fall on a virtual platform using Zoom, with phases built into Session I for potential reentry into the physical SCAA classrooms. Session II will have high expectations for live classes.

Session I will run twelve weeks in length from September 14 – December 11. Registration opens June 18. Study begins this fall on a virtual platform using ZOOM.  Students will receive the instruction at home from a device of their choice. More information regarding ZOOM can be found here. Note: with strict class-size limits, please register early to reserve your spot.

Session II is fourteen weeks in length and begins January 25, with registration opening in mid-November. For Session II, again, SCAA’s expectation is for in-person classes as public health rules and mandates allow. Decisions and information regarding in-person classes will be forthcoming in December 2020 or January 2021.

November 22-27: No classes
December 5-11: Final week of classes before break






Classical Fencing in a Modern World!

The Fall 2020 Fencing content is still under construction!
These classes will publish shortly.
Age: 9 to 17 years